Our Story

There’s something special about getting lost in playtime. And for our kids, it’s never taken more than trucks and a pile of dirt (or sand). We created Little Diggers for children to enjoy an immersive, hands-on play experience that excites both their senses and imagination. Happy Digging!
Founder, Zach Bowers
Young child playing joyfully in the sand with Tonka toys. The child's hands are immersed in creative play, shaping the sand around vibrant Tonka trucks and construction vehicles.

Why Little Diggers?

Children love creating imaginary worlds out of sand. It's such a tangible material for them to play with. In an age of overstimulation and technology, sand play encourages children to use their minds and bodies to create a world of their own. Little Diggers is built on two basic principles: each child's imagination is part of what makes them unique, and play time is essential for healthy development. Sensory skills are formed here, as are imaginations.

"Our toddler loved sitting on the excavator and digging. A great place for sensory play while simultaneously using your imagination. We'll be back again!"
- Ashley

Designed by parents, for parents

When you visit, you'll realize that we genuinely care about the parent experience. We set out to create an environment that is not hectic or overstimulating. We want you to feel at ease and comfortable. Our sandbox is also designed to allow you to participate in the experience alongside your little one. Our team also prioritizes the overall cleanliness and removal of dust throughout the space. You'll notice our team is constantly sweeping and wiping sand particles back into the box. The full list of parent perks can be found here.

"Loved the relaxed atmosphere that created a tranquil experience."
Young boy standing confidently in the sand, wearing a Little Diggers hard hat, ready for a day of imaginative play and adventure.

Sand imported from the Bahamas...

The most important decision we had to make right away was which sand to use. We realized that choosing the right type was crucial to providing a safe and clean experience. Most store-bought sands are sticky, dusty, or contain bacteria, making them impracticable and sometimes dangerous. However, after thorough research, we discovered clean and natural sand made of 98% sustainable calcium carbonate and originating from the beaches of the Bahamas. It was professionally dried and screened before shipping to reduce dust. It also has the important feature of not containing silica, which is found in many children's play sands.

"We LOVED our little diggers play time! It was so clean, with staff constantly sweeping the floors and seating areas."
- Emily

Sand Features

Round and smooth

Our Clean Commitment

We’ve developed a meticulous process to ensure that our playspace remains not just clean, but pristine for every child’s enjoyment.


We have a strict no-drink and no-snack policy in our sandbox areas as a first line of defense. Our team also constantly monitors and inspects the sandbox to remove any prohibited materials.


Our sand undergoes daily aeration where it is turned over and exposed, so it can remain fluffy and pristine.

Hygiene and Disinfection

We regularly treat the sand with a non-toxic, vinegar-based cleaning solution that eliminates any lurking bacteria. Additionally, our sandbox toys undergo thorough and regular cleaning, leaving no room for germs or dirt.

Minimizing Dust

Our commitment to cleanliness extends past just the sandbox. We’ve invested in state of the art filtration systems to keep clean fresh air recycling through the environment at all times.

Parent-Friendly Perks

Comfortable Seating

No need to stand and watch. Relax on our cozy furniture while your little plays.

Line of sight

Keep a watchful from nearly every angle.

Complimentary Internet

Need to catch up on work? Enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi!

Nitro Coffee

Need a boost? Snag either our cold or hot brew nitro coffee! It has low acidity, no additives or preservatives and more caffeine :) Lots of fun flavors are available.

Play accessibility

The sandbox has a platform surrounding for parents to dip their toes into the sand and play with their little digger if they so choose!

Early Opening Hours

Kids up early and roaring to go? We get it...we're open early starting at 9am.

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