Columbus' Largest
Indoor Sandbox!

Where Little Hands Become Expert Excavators

Animated yellow excavator with moving arm. It has a bucket attached to its arm, showcasing its construction ability to move dirt.

Dig, Build, and Explore with the magic of sand play.

With over 100 toys and 50 tons of sand, your child's imagination will run free!

Young child playing joyfully in the sand with Tonka toys. The child's hands are immersed in creative play, shaping the sand around vibrant Tonka trucks and construction vehicles.
Child engaging sensory skills while playing with an excavator in the sand. The little one explores textures, feeling the grains of sand and manipulating the excavator, fostering sensory and fine motor development through play.
Young boy in a blue outfit joyfully sitting in the sand, exploring imaginative play with a colorful plastic toy.
Young boy standing confidently in the sand, wearing a Little Diggers hard hat, ready for a day of imaginative play and adventure.
Joyful young boy in a cat long-sleeve shirt enthusiastically digging sand and filling a bucket with pure delight
Child sitting atop a large digging machine, gleefully scooping large amounts of sand.

A sensory-rich activity for your Little Digger.

Child sitting atop a large digging machine, gleefully scooping large amounts of sand.

Immersive Play

Explore 50 tons of sand and over 100 fun toys, including ride-on large excavators to dig around our 1,000 sq. foot sandbox!

Young boy seated in the Little Diggers' birthday party room, beaming with joy as he celebrates his second birthday surrounded by friends.

Birthday Party!

Our "construction-themed" birthday packages are carefully crafted to deliver lots of laughter, play, and unforgettable memories.

Young boy standing in the sand, holding a funnel with a backdrop of toy trucks, immersed in imaginative play and construction-themed fun.

Private Event

Rent out the entire Little Diggers space for your special group! Our team will work with you to create a custom experience.

Little diggers code




We place a premium on health and hygiene in our playspace. We give meticulous attention to our cleaning processes to eliminate dirt, dust and harmful germs.


All the playspaces are open to your child to unleash their creativity and build a world of their own



Some of the best learning comes through play. We aim for each kid to have a sensory-rich experience - developing motor and problem-solving skills with each scoop of sand.

“We LOVED our time at Little Diggers! Staff was very welcoming, facility was nice and clean, and there were plenty of seating areas for the parents. There were a TON of trucks to play with!"

Columbus, OH
Walk right in

No reservation required.

General play is first come, first serve. Private events and birthdays do require a reservation. Everyone over 18 needs their own waiver signed and all minors must be listed on a present adult's waiver.

We got you covered

All the A’s
for your Q’s.

What are the age restrictions for sand play?

Children 7 years and under can play in the sandbox.

Can parents or guardians accompany children in the sand play area?

Absolutely! Our playspace is designed for parents to be directly involved if they so choose.

Is admission for parents free?

Admission is free for 2 adults per family! If additional adults wish to join, the cost is $5 per extra adult.

Are waivers required; and who must fill them out?

Yes, signed waivers are required. They must be filled out by the attending and responsible legal guardian of the little digger playing in the sandbox. Everyone under 18 needs their own waiver signed.

What are the sandbox rules?
  1. Only kids 7 years and under
  2. Waiver is required before playing
  3. Parents/Guardians must supervise their kids
  4. No shoes or socks in the sandbox
  5. No food, drinks, candy or gum in or around the box
  6. No throwing sand or burying kids
  7. No running, screaming, climbing, grabbing or wrestling
  8. Toys and sand must stay in the box
  9. Only Little Diggers' toys are allowed in the box
  10. Wash hands after eating
How do you keep the sand clean?

Great question! This is especially important to us as we aim to create a safe and clean environment for all of our little diggers. First, we have a strict no-drink and no-snack policy in our sandbox areas. Secondly, our sand undergoes daily aeration where it is turned over and exposed, so it can remain fluffy and pristine. Thirdly, we regularly treat the sand with a non-toxic, vinegar-based cleaning solution that eliminates any lurking bacteria. We also have a dedicated air filtration systems to keep clean air recycling though the environment at all times. More details on our sand quality and cleaning procedure can be found here.

Find us at the Trader Joe's Center

6327 Sawmill Road, Dublin OH 43017

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